Mini Split Systems

When you only need improved heating and cooling for individual rooms you may consider a Ductless Mini-Split heat pump and air conditioning system. These provide a flexible and smart alternative solution for your heating and cooling needs.

Types of Mini Split Systems

A Mini-Split system is far more efficient than a traditional HVAC System when used in the proper application.

  • Many Homeowners have reported an immediate benefit from lowered electric bills
  • Mini-Split Units are as much as 40% more efficient than the window air conditioning models.
  • Mini-Splits save energy on their start up and stop process of traditional heat pumps
  • Mini-Split systems will only use the specific amount of energy necessary to keep a room comfortable.
  • There is no energy lost cooling and heating empty rooms.

Several of our Mini-Split systems are ENERGY STAR qualified. Call today for more information or to ask about federal, state, or local utility rebates and tax credits.

Personalized HVAC Systems for your specific needs

mini-splitHomes are not all created the same, yet the heating and cooling systems often apply the same methods. Controlling the whole home from one or two thermostats. This causes some areas of the home that are never comfortable, and rooms that may be unusable in very hot or cold conditions.

If you have a special heating or cooling need we are here to help. Call Pacific Heat and Air today for all your Mini Split Systems and heating and cooling needs.