Sacramento HVAC Maintenance and Tune Ups.

Peak Performance Maintenance Agreement

Get your Sacramento HVAC Maintenance program started today. Tune upsĀ involve the following:

Pacific Heat and Air, Inc. proposes to furnish all labor and material to provide a preventative maintenance on the agreed upon equipment. Typical Service Schedule would be as follows.

Winter – A complete pre-winter inspection of the heating system.

Spring Visual inspection and filter change out.

Fall visual inspection and filter change out.

Summer – A complete pre summer inspection of the cooling system

The inspection will include, as necessary, the following:

1. Check and clean condenser coils and fans.

2. Check and clean evaporator coils and squirrel cages.

3. Test compressors.

4. Lube fan motors.

5. Test thermostats and wiring.

6. Check control modules.

7. Check ignition modules.

8. Check Freon level.

9. Check and clean drain.

10. Check economizer operation.

11. Check Fuseible links.

12. Check humidifier.

13. Check Air Filter.

14. Check unit auxiliary heater / switches

15. Check contactors and relays.

16. Check and clean pilots.

17. Check and clean burners.

18. Check inducer motors

19. Check smoke detector operation.

20. Check defrost operation.

21. Check reversing valve

22. Evaluate unit efficiency.

23. Check duct working

24. Check flue pipe.

25. Check heat exchanger.

26. Check unit disconnect.

Signing up for a Scheduled Maintenance Agreement also gives you these additional benifits.

  • Preferential treatment in scheduling your calls.
  • Discounted prices on repairs.
  • Free estimates (excluding repairs).
  • Service available 7 days a week.
  • Appointment within 48 hours.
  • reduced utility costs.
  • Special Low Pricing for Sacramento Tune Up Specials.